About Wealth Journey Batch


Sonia is the woman behind Wealth Journey Batch. She is passionate about empowering women through financial literacy. She holds an advanced psychology degree and has counseled many adults and young adults throughout her career. Her clients find her to be trustworthy and reliable, which is why she has been so successful in her past careers as an executive assistant, teacher, and counselor.

In addition to her psychology degree, Sonia is a graduate of the Wealth Academy, where she received extensive financial literacy and stock trading education. She has always been interested in finance and investing, and her knowledge in this area has grown tremendously over the years.

Sonia is a blogger and market trader, sharing her expertise with women all over the world. She believes that everyone has the potential to be financially independent and secure, regardless of their background or current financial situation. She has a passion for empowering women through financial literacy and has made it her mission to help as many women as possible achieve their financial goals.