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Passive Income Pathways VIP Review: On Sadie Smiley

Looking for a comprehensive Passive Income Pathways VIP review? Join us as we delve into Sadie Smiley's program and uncover the array of benefits it offers. Discover how this innovative VIP program can pave the way to generating passive income streams and explore the techniques, strategies, and insights shared by Sadie Smiley to help you achieve financial freedom. Read our in-depth review and gain valuable insights into this exclusive opportunity

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I want to share my personal story regarding my experience in the PIPs VIP membership and my perspective on Sadie Smile. Let me begin by expressing that I have been following Sadie Smiley for nearly a year now. It is quite common for those familiar with Sadie to joining her VIP membership after following her for a while and ‘doing the thing’ as taught on her courses,Blogging 101 and Blogging 102.

Many of us face the challenge of getting started after establishing our blogs, and I personally understand this struggle all too well. As reiterated before, Passive Income Pathways is a platform that aims to assist individuals in building passive income streams. This implies that substantial effort must be invested upfront in order to reap the rewards in the future. Blogging serves as the foundation for establishing your own business, particularly within the realm of affiliate marketing. However, upon joining the VIP mastermind class, you quickly realize that it encompasses a wealth of knowledge extending far beyond affiliate marketing alone. Now, let’s delve back into Sadie’s role in all of this.

If you are reading this today, and have NOT yet joined VIP, you should consider yourself Lucky.

I am a VIP member I would know. Let me begin this explanation by first telling you a little more about Sadie.  You could say that I look up to Sadie Smiley. At first glance, we have a few coincidences. Both our husbands are named kevin, and we both have a son and a daughter. I don’t think much of it really. [not enough to write a blog post about it-that part is much too trivial]. What really stands out is that we both share our desire to help out women facing financial difficulty. 


Sadie Smiley Nags When You Don’t Listen

Sadie Smiley is a rarity. She is a rare commodity to have in this world. She reminds me of that passionate teacher you once had—a teacher who made a lasting impact. You may not remember all the other teachers, but you remember this one vividly because she constantly pushed you to complete your assignments and submit your work. If you failed to turn in your assignments or skipped class, she would become genuinely upset and likely give you a stern lecture. Do you recall such a teacher in your life? It was only after leaving the classroom of this “nagging” teacher that you began to miss her, realizing that her persistence was a testament to her genuine concern for your well-being. If this resonates with you, great! We’re on the same page. then you realized that all the “nagging” that you heard was really her showing you that she cared enough for your well-being in life. If this sounds familiar to you–great! We are on the same page. Now, if for some reason–you never had a teacher this passionate–then lucky you! Sadie Smile still has her VIP membership open. You get to experience this passionate teacher, who by the way does not teach any core subject from school, but instead teaches you a core subject of life–the art of making passive income. 

Sadie Smiley Is Not A Millionaire

Sadie Smiley, reminds me a lot like Steve Harvey with his motivational speaker side–except, unlike Steve Harvey, you won’t get a one-on-one him. You can with Sadie. She hasn’t reached his level of fame yet, but I know she will.

Sadie Smiley has something that money cannot buy. It is something that wealthy millionaires are desperately trying to get their hands on. It is her ability to create wealth out of nothing. I would know this because they pay lot of money for someone like Sadie to teach them the way. 

She– like Steve Harvey has turned nothing into something. Listen to this clip below to better understand this. 


If you are reading this today, and have NOT yet joined VIP, you should consider yourself Lucky. You still have time to get into her VIP group. 

Sadie’s many gifts include helping you figure out what your passion is and converting this passion into something that earns you money. She’s an expert at this. If you have a passion for something and want to make a living out of it. Get her help, the VIP experience has you taking quantum leaps to your path to success. 

Sadie Smiley Is Challenging

I am actually drawn to Sadie’s genuine honesty. She will tell you right out if you are not ready for VIP. She really doesn’t care to have you in the membership if aren’t willing to do the work. 

VIP isn’t for just anyone. IT is for the hard-working! It is for that person willing to take their time and effort, I am talking about countless hours with no upfront gain. In fact, you will probably have to invest some of your own money first if you make that jump into VIP without a blog. It’s OK, to join VIP with zero, nada just like I did. Just know if you do this, prepare yourself for some double time! 

 VIP Comes With Baggage


Now, I am not saying that your plan to create wealth out of a niche you are passionate about can happen for you without Sadie’s assistance. I am sure, someone can totally do this without her help. Would this person be me? No, not me. I am well aware of my limitations. Plus, if the service is there, she has a whole team, a community that helps one another out succeed, a community that lifts you up, answers your questions, and provides a clear answer when you make stumble. Not, only that, but we help each other out. Especially, if you and another person are working on the same niche. See, at first, when Sadie would pitch this to the regular PIP’s group–I was skeptical. 

It’s kinda like your significant other. You might find yourself having a lot of similarities, you both like the same movies, laugh at the same jokes, and may even work in the same field or at least share the same hobbies, but once you get to know your significant other a little more– you know their differences. You know their strengths. You know their weaknesses. You then, form a friendship where you get really comfortable talking like this… “We are a team, but I’m the creative one and she’s the brain of the business.” The end goal, is to “have a baby” where you both teach and nurture it, feeding it only the best advice, and so on. 

You will never get this, one-of-a-kind experience if you don’t join. Oh and save yourself some money and time by going through and exhausting all of the free tips and courses Sadie provides. Once you run out of that and want to make the jump–then join VIP, or just make the jump now if you like to roll that way. Either way, you will still be beginning with the same thing. There are different projects, to start with and make wealth creation happen in other ways. Eventually no, one can evade blog writing. 

VIP Is A Launch Pad For Only Those Who Are Serious About Building A Passive Income

By joining the VIP Mastermind Group, you don’t just get Sadie. You get several VIP coaches who are also serious about building their passive income. Some have already achieved this, others are on their way and their main goal for you when you join is to provide you will all the possible resources you could ever need to make your business a success.

Are You Really Ready For This?

I really only recommend joining VIP if you are serious about building passive income and want to see it actualized. At the very least, give it a try, if you find that it is not for you–you can walk away. With her VIP price, it’s a small investment for you to take when this will lead you to generate more money in different ways.  If this message, moved you in any way, consider using my link to join and I’ll see you on the other side.

Women Supporting Women on Their Wealth Journey


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Women Supporting Women on Their Wealth Journey


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