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Predicting Your Future is Not Enough: Take Action To Create Wealth

Want to create wealth and build the financial future you desire? Simply predicting your future isn't enough - you need to take action to make it a reality. In this blog post, we explore practical strategies for building wealth, from investing wisely to developing multiple streams of income. We'll also discuss the importance of mindset and taking action steps to make progress towards your financial goals. Join us to learn how to create lasting wealth and live the life you want.

Taking Action Towards Creating Wealth


For the past two years, I have been on a journey to build my wealth. I have tried a few things and got some small wins. My biggest win was being able to trade options in the stock market.

During my quest for wealth, I discovered many other people who have successfully grown wealth.

I have read 1,000 books on building wealth and devoted hundreds of hours to watching videos that would get me closer to this goal.

During my studies on wealth: I have found certain repeating motifs when studying the wealthy and their success stories.
One of the most common themes that wealthy and successful people advise others to begin their own journey towards reaching wealth and success is: TAKE ACTION.

Doesn’t this make sense? How can someone ever reach anywhere in life if you first don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen?

Today, I am writing this blog to share my experience both my wins and my losses. It is important that you don’t feel bad about things not turning out a certain way. The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes.

My Mistakes in Taking Action 

For me, the stock market was something that I really wanted to get into for years but had not because every time I got information the cost of someone willing to teach me was always at least $7,000-$15,000. These were the prices I found in 2005. This price range was too high
for me and it seemed like an impossibility to have that much money to spend on a course.  Although I did not get to learn  –the thought of me learning never went away.
A few years passed by and I tried to learn on my own by reading books. I really did not know where to begin. checked out a book on binary trading. After reading this book I researched this online and frankly never found a way to get started.
I lucked out on this one! This is the scam that everyone tries to warn you about. Get away from binary options — this is not something that is traded in the stock exchange where the wealthiest of investors like the legendary Warren Buffet have made their fortune.
So, now I have given you an example of me not taking action. The first one was because I thought the price was too high and did not believe I could ever afford a course on trading and investing.

My Story on Taking Action to Create Wealth 

During the 2020 Covid Pandemic Lockdowns I finally decided that this was the perfect of me to take action. I was going to learn no matter what. This time, my mentality shifted from disbelief to an extreme level of confidence and abundance. I was 100% sure that if I dedicated my time and energy to knowing everything there was to know about the stock market–I too would be a success story.
I spend countless hours reading and watching videos on everything there was to know. I dedicated 16-20 hours a day in this project. The objective was simple: the more I learned the more I would learn.

Getting Rewarded for Taking Action 

My journey is not over– my rewards were growing a small account of $3,000 to $30,000 in just 4 months after finishing my studies and actively trading. 

Just when everything was going on a roll–I did something unexpected. Something that most people might not have done. Just know that this was the best decision at the time for me. I would do it again if I had to. I would do this again because now I had the knowledge necessary to restart this over again. 

What did I do? …. I withdrew all of it; I spend it on a two-week-long Disney Vacation with family; I traveled to other places like Las Vegas with family and several other smaller trips. I also used most of this money for a down payment for a house.

My Invitation to Take Action 

Your story may not be the same as mine. You may not be on a journey to wealth and success. Perhaps your life is fine just the way it is. I am so happy for you! During the Covid Lockdowns, my life was not where I wanted to be.

I had a hunger to succeed, dedication, and the certainty that my plan would work. 

My fixer-upper home required so much attention, in fact, many other things occupied my attention and rarely traded when I moved in. Eventually, I began to trade again but am now focused on repeating the formula that delivered success for me. This time around, I am documenting my journey. You can find updates in my website and if you are a woman and would like to jump in with me–do so by joining my Woman Only Facebook Group: Women & Wealth where I will teach you to trade and provide support catered to us, women. If you are a teen (any gender) and would like to learn, I also have a general trading group to learn stock market trading.

Women Supporting Women on Their Wealth Journey


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Women Supporting Women on Their Wealth Journey


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