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Transform Your Life With The Powerful Success Principles of Jim Rohn

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Unlock the secrets to personal transformation with the powerful success principles of Jim Rohn. This blog post delves into the wisdom of one of the world's most influential thought leaders, offering insights into self-improvement, personal growth, and success. Discover how you can become more than you are and shape a better future for yourself.

Understanding Jim Rohn’s Philosophy: The Power of Personal Transformation

Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn

The Major Key To Your Better Future Is You

You Can Have More In Life Because You Can
Become More Than You Are

Jim Rohn, calls this the big CHALLENGE in life. This is not a mere motivational mantra, but a fundamental principle of personal growth and success. Our lives are not static, but dynamic, constantly evolving landscapes. The key to unlocking more in life lies not in external circumstances, but within ourselves. It’s about personal development, about expanding our skills, knowledge, and mindset. It’s about pushing beyond our comfort zones and embracing the unfamiliar. Every new skill you learn, every piece of knowledge you acquire, every new perspective you adopt, transforms you into a more capable individual. This transformation, this becoming, is the engine that drives progress.

Becoming More Than You Are: A Key Success Principle in Jim Rohn’s Teachings

strong mindset

Unless You Change What You Are, You Will Always Have What You Got

This isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a profound principle that governs personal growth and achievement. Our circumstances are often a reflection of who we are, including our habits, attitudes, and skills. If we desire different outcomes, we must be willing to change and evolve. This means breaking free from old patterns that no longer serve us and embracing new ways of thinking and acting. It’s about personal transformation. It’s about learning new skills, adopting a growth mindset, and cultivating positive habits. It’s about becoming a better version of ourselves. Change is challenging, but it’s also the pathway to growth and improvement. The more we change and grow, the more our circumstances will align with our new reality. So, if you’re not satisfied with what you’ve got, look inward. The change you seek in your life begins with the change you’re willing to make in yourself.

Why is it that if there are two people in the same job role, with the same opportunities, and the same resources have someone make drastically more money than the other? A success principle.

  • Value makes the difference in results.
  • We primarily get paid for value, not the time.

Is it possible to become twice as valuable and make twice as much money?

  • Yes, if you go to work PRIMARILY on yourself!

How Can I Have An Above Average Income?

high income

  • Become an above average person. Develop an above average handshake. Develop an above average smile. Develop an above average excitement. Develop an above average interest in other people. Develop an above average intensity to win.
  • Don’t expect an above average job, with an above average pay without becoming an above average person.

Income and Beyond: Life Transformation through Jim Rohn’s Success Principles

stronger mindset

If You Want To Become Wealthy And Happy The Rest of Your Life–Just Master This Lesson Well

  1. Learn how to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.

  2. If you want to be wealthy–then you’ve got to change! For things to change for you, you have to change. Your life is only going to change will be when you change. Don’t really on hope, –hope is for the hopeless. Life will not get better, not by chance but change. Some people go around living their lives with no direction, with mere hope


Transform Your Life and Income with the Powerful Success Principles of Jim Rohn



I Have Come To Realize that INCOME Does Not Far Exceed Personal Development

This statement may seem counterintuitive in a world that often equates wealth with success. However, it’s a profound truth that underscores the importance of personal growth over monetary gain. Income is, undeniably, a crucial aspect of our lives, providing us with the means to live comfortably and securely. Yet, it’s not the ultimate measure of success or fulfillment. Personal development, on the other hand, is an ongoing process of self-improvement and self-discovery. It involves cultivating new skills, expanding our knowledge, enhancing our emotional intelligence, and fostering a growth mindset. These elements contribute to our overall well-being, satisfaction, and success in ways that income alone cannot. They make us more adaptable, resilient, and capable of navigating life’s challenges. Moreover, personal development often leads to increased income over time, as we become more valuable in our professional roles. But the reverse is not always true; higher income doesn’t necessarily lead to personal growth. Therefore, while income is important, it should not be pursued at the expense of personal development. The richest life is one of continual growth and learning. A great key takeaway from this is to focus on learning high paying skills.

Success Is something You Attract Not Something You Pursue

Let’s delve into a profound understanding of success: it is something you attract, not something you pursue. This principle flips the conventional wisdom on its head, challenging the notion that success is merely a trophy to be chased. Instead, it posits that success is a byproduct of who we are and how we live. It’s about becoming the kind of person who naturally attracts opportunities, rather than relentlessly hunting them down. This shift in perspective requires us to focus on our personal growth and development. It’s about honing our skills, expanding our knowledge, cultivating a positive mindset, and building strong relationships. It’s about creating value, both for ourselves and others. When we become individuals of value, we attract success. Opportunities gravitate towards us because of the unique qualities and abilities we bring to the table. This doesn’t mean we should be passive or complacent. On the contrary, it encourages active engagement in our personal and professional growth. It’s about being proactive in becoming the best version of ourselves. Remember, success is not just about achieving a goal. It’s about who we become in the process of working on yourself–pursue personal development.

  • What are you becoming? (In your profession, as opposed to “What am I getting paid?”)
  • Happiness is contained on what you become.

Prepare for the Expected and the Unexpected:

master keys

Lesson 1 -Learn How To Handle The Winters

Life and business is like the changing seasons. You cannot change the seasons, but you can change yourself. Learn how to prepare for the hard times. Prepare for the economic, personal, and social winters. Prepare for emotional heartbreaks, and disappointments as these are normal and part of life. Learn how to handle the winters, they come after the falls. Learn how to handle recessions.

  • You can get Stronger.
  • You can get Wiser.
  • You can get Better.

Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.

Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom. That is the key.

Lesson 2 -Learn How To Take Advantage of the Spring

S[ring is called opportunity. Spring follows right after winter. this happens every year, with regularity. opportunity follows difficulty. Take advantage. Just because spring comes around doesn’t mean that you are going to look good come winter. You’ve gotta do something with it. In fact you have to become very good in two things life –planting in the spring or begging in the fall.

There is only so many springs. You must read books on what to do with your springs, and take advantage–they soon run out.

Lesson 3: Learn How to Protect Your Crops all Summer

Sure enough as soon as you have planted your crops in the spring, the busy bees and the obnoxious bugs have come to take it. They will take it, unless you prevent it. Learn how to prevent the intruder from taking all the good you start.

– all good will be attacked. All gardens will be invaded, not to think so will be naive.

– all values must be defended. Political, social, family, economical, marriage, friendship, business values. Every garden must be tended all summer.

Lesson 4: Learn How to Reap in the Fall Without Complaint

Take full responsibility for what happens to you. It is one of the highest forms of human maturity–accepting full responsibility. It’s the day you know you have passed from childhood to adulthood. The day you accept full responsibility. Learn how to reap in the fall without apology if you achieve results and without complaint if you don’t. This is maturity.

Jim Rohn mentions he used to have a list of Reason’s for Not Looking Good–his list to blame were:

  • the government
  • high taxes
  • high prices
  • the weather
  • the traffic
  • the car
  • the manufacturer
  • the company
  • company policy
  • training policy
  • negative coworkers
  • selfish neighbors
  • the economy
  • the community

His boss asked; how come you haven’t done well up until now?

Jim went through his list– and the boss was very patient and went over his list and then said. You are NOT on it!

Then Jim decided to throw away his list, and made another list that just said “me”.

It’s not what happens–that determines the quantity or quality of your life–it’s what you do.

Because what happens, happens to about everybody. There is no difference. The sun went down on all of us last night- a common event. One man can become rich and the other one become poor.

Murphy’s Laws:

IF anything can go wrong it will go wrong. Murphy was not much of a positive speaker.

Have you ever been when it all went wrong? It is not the happenings, it is what you do about it. Disappointments are not special gifts for the poor. I used to blame the weather and then I discovered that it does rain on the rich. Take this example:

Scenario #1: A sales man says, how can anyone make money in this thunderstorm.

Scenario #2: Another sales man says, what a wonderful day to make money with this thunderstorm, most people will be home-specially the salesmen.

Starting tomorrow what will you do that will make a difference? Because if you don’t guess what? It’s going to be the same. Unless you change and then make some change.

What can you do starting tomorrow what will make a difference?

If you don’t like something…. Change it. Because you can change!

You don’t ever have to be the same after reading this–only by choice. If you don’t like where you live, change it–you are not a tree!

The Major Key To Human Progress is:



Discipline. On any given day, you can massively change the course of your live. You can very much commit to a positive act that can change your life, whenever you wish. This is something to get excited about.

Start with a little discipline, get excited with the little disciplines because those will lead to the bigger disciplines. You can’t handle the big ones unless you take on the little ones. Make a list of the little things you can change in life and get right on those. Discipline yourself for those. Both for the results and the muscle and for the practice. For when life hands you some big challenges, you will be ready–you will have the muscle.

But if you don’t handle the small ones–you can’t take care of the big ones.

Self Motivation


This is the only type of motivation as this only works on yourself. You can’t make a person change. But it won’t work. People have to change themselves. Jim Rohn, after opening a sales team. He said once to himself, “I’m going to make these sales people successful, even if it kills me……….I almost died!” You can’t do that. Good people are not trained, –they are found. You find them good. Too much training probably means you got the wrong people, this is the key to getting the job done.

Don’t send your ducks to eagle school. It won’t help–no matter how good your school is. It takes self-motivation to really alter your life. And you  don’t want to give this away, then make this other person motivate you. You have to have a better plan for your life, because what

How to be Successful in Life


Find out how things work. Get ideas. The major thing is an idea. Lack of money isn’t lack of money is not the problem. Lack of ideas on how to make money is the problem. To resolve this, you need a constant study of finding out. Be curious, as a curious child. Children, will ask many questions to find out how things work.  Get exited like a child, trust is a childish virtue but the rewards are great. Become a great reader. All the most successful people in the world, are great readers! That’s all they do. They read, read, read. You can also learn from other people’s experiences.

Did you know that hundreds of successful people write down how they became successful–and people don’t read!

When you find out what works, write these down in your journal, so that you can do the next best thing–repetition, repetition, repetition. Go over it. If you repeat it, some day–some mysterious day. The idea shows up in your bank account, your dress and personality and your lifestyle, but capture the ideas on your journal.

If you wish to be successful study success. If you wish to be happy, study happiness. If you wish to be wealthy study wealth–don’t leave it to chance –make it a study. Some people just go through the day just with their fingers crossed. You’ve got to study the things that will change your economic, personal and spiritual life.

Qualifying Phrase: You may not be able to do all you find out–but you should find out all you can do!

The Setup: The Laws of the Universe

Study these so you don’t get hurt. Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is poverty. If you don’t know them, you are going to get hurt.

You don’t have to like the setup, this is not important. But you should learn it. Make sure you get the information. There is nothing worse than being stupid. Being poor is bad, but being broke and stupid is awful. That’s about the end of the world unless you are sick. Sick, broke and stupid–that is really it. There is no way else to go. If you learn the setup, you will benefit.

Learn to get on the good side of the way things work.


Basic Laws: Lessons From The Bible–As It Is Practical Not Just Spiritual

The Law of Use

What ever you don’t use–you loose. If you quit, you loose. You loose automatically when you quit. Ambition unused declined. Strong emotion, faith unused diminished. Energy unused diminishes. Vitality unused diminished. If you don’t loose today–then it is lost.

Take a new inventory of yourself. Make sure all of what you got is being used.

The parable of the talent. The talent story, there was a master with three servants. I’ve got these talents, and on those days a talent is a measure of gold.

The 5 Laws of Sowing and Reaping

What ever you sow, you shall reap. Don’t try to beat this law. Whatever you sow, you reap. In 2 Corinthians 9:6 the Bible states that “the point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

  1. Negative- if you sow bad, you reap bad
  2. Positive – if you sow good, you reap good
  3. More- You always reap much more of what you sow
  4. Lose- You could lose, sometimes this happens, sometimes it rains too much so you must be prepared
  5. If You Don’t Sow- You don’t Reap, you don’t even have a chance

Success Principles: Learn How To Set Goals

Getting better direction started. Make sure you have a list of goals. If you don’t have a list of goals–you will not have direction and this will directly impact the amount of your bank account.You don’t get the answers until you get the reasons. So, reasons are the key to success in life.

Andrew Carnegie goal for life: he’s going to spend 1/2 of his life accumulating and the last 1/2 of his life he gave it all away.

  1. What is the reason for your goal?
  2. What has got you turned off? Make a list, then make another list that will turn you on in life.
  3. Nitty Gritty- Hard little reasons, these reasons are small can change your life. (Carrying a few hundred dollars in his pocket, because Jim Rohn was tired of being broke.


Long Range Goals — These are your dreams. You must keep on dreaming. Without dreams or visions people parish. Don’t lose dreams for yourself or for your future. Travel, become something unique…

Short Term Goals — Goals for tomorrow, in the next few weeks or months. These are confide

Different Types of Goals

Economic Goals – Meticulously plan these as these are very good. What do you think people will say if someone would find out that you planned out your economic goals? Most people would thin, it is weird,

A List of Things To Have– Make a list and check them off once you have these. When you reached something major, make sure you celebrate your winnings. There is the pain of loosing and the joy of winning. Self-celebration of a sign of maturity.

Personal Development– learn a language, become a leader, become a better communicator, the person that you will become is

1. Work on your goals— it’s a lot of work, this is why people let this slide. Many people work hard on their job but don’t work hard on themselves. Most people are used to a routine where they work hard at work, then get home and are tired, so they choose not to work on themselves. This is why you plan your goals.

2. Write your goals down — put these goals on your journal. You must study yourself, so you can improve your goals. Study your desires, and it shows that you are serious about your goals. Everybody hopes that things will get better. Poor people hope, but the future does not get better by hope, it get better by planning.

3. Check the size and the kind they are. This will affect you. Your goals are affecting you–what ever they are. They affect your handshake, the way you walk, your attitude. Some people have goals, but they have lousy goals such as only making enough money to pay their lousy bills. Most people will say “Not, another Monday, or Thank God it’s Friday.

How to Get Whatever You Want: From the Bible

Ask.  That is it, end of notes. The art of asking.

  1. Asking is the beginning of receiving
  2. Receiving is not the problem. Receiving is automatic. Failing to ask is the problem.
  3. Receiving is like the ocean, there is plenty. Success is not in short supply. It isn’t rationed.
  4. Ask with intelligence. Don’t mumble, you don’t get anything by mumbling. How high, how wide, be clear, how soon, how much, define what you want and describe what you want. Goals become like a magnet. They pull you in that direction. The more details you have the more they come.
  5. Ask with faith. Believe what you want like a child, not an adult. Adults are too skeptical. Make plans like an adult and believe with them like a child. Just try it for 90 days. You can always go back to your old ways.
  6. You won’t get everything you wanted. Sometimes things rains on your crop and it hails on your parade.


Life Is Part Negative: Diseases Of Attitude

There is a lot of things that can wreck your chances of success. We live in a rather dangerous world, so you got to be not only wise,you must be careful. Diseases of attitude are just as bad as physical diseases such as heart disease, . Attitude diseases are lethal as they can kill your opportunity to succeed.  How to spot them, how to look for them and how to cure them.

Emotions Are Powerful For Life Change: They Can Either Build Or Destroy

Intelligently management of human emotions. It can turn your life around. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to alter your whole life direction.

  1. Disgust. I have had it. It could be something small or something major. This is not the day it ends but this could be beginning. The man has finally had it being a loser. The guy finally sick inside,can finally said, I’ve had this. He can say I’ve had, I’m tired of wearing this ridiculous clothes so I will throw it away.
  2. Decision. Waking up in the middle of the night and saying to yourself. “What shall I do’? For progress, you must get a decision. If it is easy, do it easy. If it is hard do it hard. Sometimes, doing something about it is easier than making the decision.
  3. Desire. It comes from the inside and not from the outside. Desire can be woken up. Maybe it’s a seminar, a sermon, a conversation with a friends, an event. Welcome every human experience, you never know which one is going to turn it on. Even the bad experiences, because sometimes a bad experience will touch you enough to want to make a change.
  4. Resolve. This says, “I will”. Benjamin Israeli says, nothing is can resist a human will. People will , say “I will do it or I will die.” The man says, ” I will climb the mountain, they told me it was too dangerous, too risky. Pretty soon you will see me waving up or dead in the sky, because this is my mountain and I ain’t coming back.” Jim Rohn’s shares a great definition of resolve from a child. She says, I think it means promising yourself you will never give up.
  5. Action. Finally, you must do something about how you feel. Jesus the master teacher said, “don’t just listeners, do something about it.Th world admires the doers. What ever inspires you to do something, go over your goals, plan to do something about it and do it.  People  Don’t just listen do something about it.
  6. Overcautious. Some people will never have much. You can always be too reckless, but there is also too cautious. This is. the life of the timid. Don’t be too cautious. The language of the poor will be skeptical. They will say “What if this happens….” It is all risky. The minute you are born it got risky. If you think trying is risky, wait to you get the bill for not trying. Getting married is risky.  If you think investing is risky wait to you get the bill for not investing. If you are looking for security. Don’t Ask for security, Ask for adventure– better to live 30 years of adventure than 30 years in the corner. it is not important how long you lived your life, but how you lived your life.
  7. Pessimism.  The deadly disease of always looking for the bad, the problem side, the wrong side, checking off all the reasons it can’t be done. The poor pessimist lives and ugly life. He doesn’t try to figure out what is right, he tries to figure out what is wrong. He doesn’t look for virtue, he looks for fault, and when he finds them, he is delighted. How ugly! The poor guy looks out the window and doesn’t see the sunset, he sees the specks on the window. He is so dumb, he doesn’t know he only needs one reason things won’t work– he has a list of five. To the pessimist the glass is always half empty.
  8. Complaining–  this is a deadly disease. Whining griped,- spend five minutes complaining and you will waste five minutes of your life. It is a deadly disease. The people of Israel, whined and gripped for years, they complained about the weather, the leadership, even God himself could only take so much. What happened to the children of Israel? The bible says
  9. Poor thinking habits keeps people poor. Ask you think, so you become. Jim used to start the morning reading the newspaper. He would read the obituary, the murders, the bad news, and this is how he would start your day. What a man reads, pours mental ingredients to the mental factory that makes up your social, economic fabric of your life.

How do you build a great life?

Everyday stand guard at the door of your mind, and you decide what goes on in your mental factory. because you have to live with your life.

Would you like to see a video of this lecture? You can access it here.




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Women Supporting Women on Their Wealth Journey


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